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Domestic Abuse/Violence

​Domestic Abuse or Domestic Violence cases can have serious consequences attached to them. Domestic Violence enhancers not only attach to crimes committed against family members and spouses, but also to anybody that you have lived with or have a child in common with.  

Domestic Violence also carries the penalty of losing your right to have a firearm!  Guza Law Office attempts to preserve this right by vigorously fighting for you to attempt to prevent these lifelong consequences from attaching themselves to you.


In addition to damaging your reputation, negatively affecting your relationships, and your ability to find work, drunk driving can have serious legal ramifications.  In Wisconsin a first offense OWI may only be a traffic ticket but it is not an offense to be taken lightly.  Not only are there fines or
forfeitures associated with an OWI, your insurance premiums can increase and you can lose your license causing you to have to get an occupational drivers license.  

Police use many tactics to attempt to prove that you have been Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC).  Some of these tactics are unconstitutional.  Guza Law Office does a thorough review of your case to see if any of these tactics were used against you.

Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

Criminal Defense

OWI/PAC/DUI, Misdemeanor, or Felony cases

Criminal charges can affect your life in many ways.  If you have been charged with a crime, or if you are under criminal investigation, you should discuss your case with an attorney.  

Criminal defense is the specialty of Attorney Jeremy J. Guza.  The criminal justice system can be difficult and frustrating to navigate alone.  Attorney Guza can help you navigate the system as well as help to put your mind at ease so that you can rest easy at night.

Guza Law Office fights on their clients behalf to make the State prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  If the State has a weak case or very little evidence then Attorney Guza will fight on your behalf to get the charges DROPPED.  

Unfortunately, sometimes good people make poor choices.  When this happens, Attorney Guza will fight on your behalf to minimize your penalties so that your life can continue on as normal.   

​You have rights guaranteed by the United States and Wisconsin constitution.  When those rights are infringed by law enforcement it can have a profound impact on YOUR case.  If you think your rights were infringed, contact Attorney Jeremy J. Guza for your free consultation.  

Whether you have a misdemeanor or felony, set up an appointment to talk to Attorney Guza for a FREE consultation.