Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

Guza Law Office LLC

Attorney Guza understands that any case dealing with family is incredibly emotionally challenging.  Your emotional well being is of the utmost importance.  Attorney Guza Will be there for you during this incredibly trying time of your life.  He will advocate on your behalf as well as be an emotional rock for you.  You do not have to take on the challenge of a family law case alone.  


Divorce, Child Custody/Placement, Child Support, Termination of Parental rights

A divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing cases for anybody.  Attorney Guza will help to put your mind at ease by being able to answer your questions about what to expect during a divorce and what to expect after the divorce is finalized.  Whether you are the husband or wife, you have rights that need to be acknowledged; Attorney Guza will help make sure that you do not get those rights violated.

Questions in regards to child support, alimony, and division of property are common with divorces.  

Attorney Guza fights for his clients so that they get what they deserve after a divorce or in a child custody case.