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In my last blog entry I talked a little about the police skirting the 4th amendment.  This entry will be dedicated to the 4th Amendment and its uses for and against you as a citizen.  

As previously mentioned the police and other state actors are taking the 4th Amendment to its limit and the judges, in my experience, are generally siding with the State and the police when it comes to 4th Amendment challenges.  What is being lost in the mix is an individuals right to say "NO!" to the police.  The police would like you to believe that you HAVE to talk to them in every situation.  

Instead of going into all of the details here's a link from the ACLU

Every time you talk to law enforcement willingly you run the risk of giving them information they otherwise would not have.  If there is an active investigation about YOU, it would behoove you to seek the advice of an attorney.  Sometimes talking to the police is the right answer, sometimes it isn't.  Every situation is different and every situation calls for its own unique answer.  Attorney's generally will offer an hourly rate to give specific legal advice or even to help you come up with a non-incriminating statement to hand to the police instead of allowing them to interrogate you outside of the 4th Amendment.

The bottom line is, if you believe you need legal help, YOU DO.  Contact Attorney Guza as soon as possible so that he can help you with your case or to possibly help you avoid legal problems all together.