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On a more personal note…

I’d like to start by encouraging people to ask questions.  You can ask me anything using the Contact Us link.  Generally that link is used for potential clients in need of legal assistance, but I also would like to encourage people that are curious about the legal profession to ask questions.

The most common question I’ve been asked is: “how do you sleep at night while defending criminals when you know they are guilty?”

There are multiple reasons I defend people, originally I thought it was just because I want to see people become productive members of society and I still believe in the ideal that everyone can change for the better.  The more recent revelation I have had in light of recent news events and some cases I have read about is that I am not only defending alleged criminals in their charges, but I am also defending their constitutional rights. 

I could dedicate an entire blog post to how the police skirt around the 4th amendment, but sometimes that skirting turns into full blown violations of people’s constitutional rights.  A few examples of the skirting are: interviewing a suspect in their home in connection with other crimes, not Mirandizing someone upon arrest because the person is not being interrogated so Miranda is not required, obtaining consent to search a vehicle or home because people do not understand that they CAN say no, and falsely believe that saying no means the police will arrest them. 

These are just a few of the ways the police legally invade your constitutional rights. 

So the question I must ask you is, “how do you sleep at night knowing that the police are constantly attempting to get you to give up your constitutional rights in the name of ‘justice’”?