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"I was represented by Guza Law Firm for a misdemeanor charge of possession of cocaine.  I was very happy with the outcome being a small fine and court costs, no jail or probation."​

-Barry G.

"I wish I had known you all my life.  I was very comfortable with everything I have and will refer anyone that wants THE BEST."

-Marvin P.

Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney

"I was pleased with everything that you've done.  THANK YOU!!"

- Vince C.

  • In a Fond du Lac County case a prosecutor wanted my client to go to jail for 45 days as his initial offer to a disorderly conduct before I was hired.  My client admitted guilt to the offense but did not want to go to jail.  After the client hired me, not only did my client not get jail time, he did not get probation either! The prosecutor, Attorney Guza and the client all agreed that a fine was punishment enough for his offense.
  • A client was charged with disorderly conduct domestic violence.  He felt like his life was over and did not know what he should do, so he came to Guza Law Office and hired Attorney Guza as his attorney.  Attorney Guza helped him to feel relaxed through his case by explaining to him what his options were and that his life may be inconvenienced for a while, but it was not over. Attorney Guza successfully negotiated with the prosecutor and he received a deferred prosecution agreement.
  • When I was brought onto this client’s case, the client was charged with a felony and three misdemeanors.  I successfully pointed out the weaknesses in the prosecutors case and negotiated with the prosecutor on a deal that my client was happy with.  The felony was dismissed and read in and my client received no jail or probation.  The client was given a fine for his actions and was able to continue living his life normally.
  • In Ozaukee County a client was charged with OWI causing great bodily harm.  The prosecution refused to recommend anything but prison and the case went to Jury Trial.  At trial Attorney Guza successfully defended the client against OWI causing great bodily harm when the jury came back with a finding of NOT GUILTY!
  • In Ozaukee County a client was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting/obstructing.  After filing a motion to suppress evidence of Resisting/Obstructing, the State dropped the charge and the client received a fine only to the Disorderly Conduct charge.Type your paragraph here.
  • In Waukesha County a client was charged with a Felony drug possession along with three misdemeanors.  After many negotiation session Attorney Guza successfully negotiated a non-felony plea and after argument to the court, successfully obtained a sentence of a fine only with time served.
  • ​When a client was charged with burglary, Attorney Guza successfully showed the weaknesses in the prosecution's case and on the eve of jury trial, the case was dismissed on the prosecutor's motion.
  • A client in Waukesha County was charged with felony Identity Theft to obtain money. First, prior to preliminary hearing Attorney Guza convinced the state their case was weak and the State reduced the charges to misdemeanor charges.  Then on the eve of trial, the State dismissed the case outright because they would not be able to prove their case at trial.